Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War


The objective of this game is to collect resources and attack others. So, the main strategy is to quickly collect resources and successfully attack enemies.


There sre four main resources to collect + Gold + Silver + Food + Lumber


  • Gold is used to speed up/complete constructions, crafts, research, ship upgrades etc.
  • Gold can be earned by completing quests, rewards and from in-app purchases.

Purchasing gold increases player’s VIP level. Higher VIP levels reward the player with better rewards.

Purchasing gold, other than to increase player’s VIP level is not suggested. You can earn a decent amount of gold from finishing Gibbs’ quests, linking a Facebook account (1K Gold), rewards.


  • Silver is required in almost any construction, upgrade etc.
  • Silver can be earned from silver islands, completing quests, attacking enemies, attacking monsters, selling trade goods.

Trade goods are obtained by attacking merchant ships.

Silver is pretty easy to earn and not that important in upgrades or atleast in the initial stages. Trade goods sold at port cities also give silver. For now, I don’t see any reason to sell trade goods for silver. One of your ships sails to sell the goods so, you are left with one less fleet slot.

Food and Lumber:

  • Food and Lumber are used in every upgrade, research, construction etc.
  • Food and Lumber can be obtained from almost every part in the game. There are simply so many ways

Food and lumber are available in every part of the game and quite easy to earn. But, as the player levels up it gets quite hard to earn enough of these for upgrades. So, use them wisely.

Other ways to earn resources include playing the dice game, alliance aid gifts(Which you receive for aiding your alliance members. They are present in front of the Lore Collection)


Attacking is the most important part in Tides of War. Player has to attack other players, EITC, resource islands, monsters etc. Yeah, almost every part or quest involves attacking. So, it is our prime concern to attack successfully.

  • The quality of the ship plays the most important role in winning a fight.
  • Ships can be upgrade and thier attributes can be buffed in various ways.
  1. Talents
  2. Upgrades
  3. Research
  4. Addons
  5. Levelling Up (Only Unique Ships like Black Pearl)


Talents are buffs gained by levelling up your captain by earning XP. XP can be gained by using XP tickets, completing missions, attacking monsters etc.


Ships’ attributes can be buffed by upgrading ships. Upgrading requires ship upgrade points.

Ship upgrade points are earned by tapping on lazy pirates. They are marked by yellow arrows on them. Long tap on any ship and tap on yellow arrows, if any to earn ship upgrade points.

Ship upgrade points are exclusive to each ship. You can’t use the upgrade points of one ship on another ship.

As of now, I don’t know how to earn upgrade points for unique ships like Black Pearl. I am open to ideas


Research done in Lore Collection and Alliance buff the attributes of your ships. So, always keep the Lore busy.


Addon tickets like Ship Atttack Boost, Ship Defense Boost etc. can be used to buff up attributes for a certain period of time. They can be earned by completing quests, attacking monsters etc.

Levelling Up

Unique ships like Black Pearl can be levelled up spending resources. I think it’s the best way to buff up your fleet.

Pirates play the second important role in winning a fight. They can be buffed in a similar way to ships. I am sparing myself from typing the same text again.

Some points to note:

  • Two fleets can be controlled at a time initially. But, completing ship research increases that number.
  • Monsters can be hunted in a streak automatically. Hunting tickets are to be used while attacking a monster to start a streak. Unique ships can’t be used in this streak.
  • Always scout your enemy before attacking them. Some players hold high quality ships even at lower levels.
  • It is suggested to notice that when attacking another player, the attacker will have more casualities and the defender will have more injured pirates.


  • Peace tickets can be used to prevent others from attacking a player. But, onces a player attacks others or scouts others, the peace shield will break.
  • Always hold a strong ship full of strong pirates home to defend enemies attacks. Most importantly during long offline periods.


  • Servers/Empires can be swapped only till a player’s fortress is under level 7.
  • Alliance aids appear as avatars of captains in your island. Long tap on them to hold them and place them on a building you want to speed up.
  • The compass icon in the Sea Mode is used to look at the overview of complete map. Silver bookmarks are the player’s alliance members and brown bookmarks are port cities.
  • Peace shield can’t be activated when a player’s island is in an enemy’s alliance territory.

That’s all mates. Comment if you want an addition or correction.