About Us

In 2005 there were a few gamers that played together yet were all a part of different Clans.   Although the Clans they were with played great together, there was something missing.  The gamers set out on individual missions to find a clan with a bigger vision of the future. These gamers all went from lobby to lobby in search of this future knowing one day they would find it.  Two years passed,  playing together game after game, and a bond was being built between them.

One night in 2007 out of nowhere one of the members of the soon to be named Clan told the other team with a screaming voice to “Come Get Some Bitch!!” After single-handedly killing the entire enemy team, in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.  The small group of gamers all laughing during the intermission, while waiting to go into the next lobby all of the members of this unnamed Clan changed their Clan tag.   And that would be the birth of CGSB.512